RTRobot Free


This is the free version of Ringtone Robot!

Let RTRobot Free write you a composition!!!!!!!

RTRobot Free creates custom ringtones and alerts that are unique every time. No two ringtones are the same and RTRobot Free will make as many as you like!!!! 

Simply push COMPOSE and RTRobot Free makes a new ringtone. If you wish to store the ringtone save it in an empty memory slot. Select load to access saved ringtones. Pushing the orange saved button will turn the button to green (locked). The ringtone is locked from being deleted (swipe table cell to delete when button is orange only). 

Ringtone Robot currently has 25 memory slots allowing easy comparisons between compositions. 

Adjust the tempo plus select one of three oscillators. Stop if playing then press play to commit the changes. 

Ten programs are available in this version. Each program changes the way the robot will create a composition. 

RTRobot Free will detect if Ringtone Robot is installed on the device allowing the transfer of compositions generated so they can be used in iTunes.