Piano Technical Work

Practice makes perfect…

Piano Technical Work turns your iPad into a piano scale practice partner ready to place on your music stand.

Features include :

• Scale player with adjustable tempo

Allows you to hear the selected scale played at the desired speed. This is great for when there is no teacher or mentor present. Playback starts one second after play is pressed, allowing you time to get your hands in position if you’re playing along.

• Built in metronome

Improve your timing by practicing with a metronome. Because a scale should be even in timing and also of a controlled dynamic, the metronome provides a simple tick tock so as to assist in not accenting on certain beats.

• Great theory reference

View the correct note spelling of the selected scale along with the scale structure and breakdown of upper and lower tetrachords.

• See the correct fingering

Fingertips are highlighted on the hands selected as the scale player plays the scale. This improves identifying the correct finger number with the correct finger for both left and right hands.

• Customisable display

Show or hide certain parts of the display to help maintain focus on what you are learning or explaining.

• See and hear the scale

As each note is played by the scale player see the note highlighted in the notation and on the keyboard in the interface.

• Excellent for both students and teachers

Piano Technical Work is a great tool for teachers to be able to clearly explain both theoretical and practical concepts. Whether you’re a student or just self educating this app will be of benefit.

• Designed to be read from the music stand of a piano

Clear and accurate manuscript quality notation makes it easy to read.

• Full 88 note keyboard overview (keys to scale)

Gain a better perspective by viewing the keys to play on a fully scaled 88 key piano keyboard.

• Simple and elegant design makes it easy to use

This version includes the most important scales to learn in all keys. These are Major, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor, Natural Minor and Jazz Minor.